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Shadowless Sword

For u guys who like Korean and especially full of action sword fighting, You can’t miss Shadowless Sword. I had the DVD today.The film is a tragedy in which the greatest swordsman living along the coastal area stands as the last line of defense in the protection of the king. It’s not due out until December.

After the fall of Sanggyongryongchonbu, the capital of Palhae in the year A.D 926, Georan tribe establishes ‘Dongrankook’ meaning ‘Georan of the East’. Dongrankook dispatches Chucksaldan, a group of the hit squads and sweeps out the royal family in order to prevent a reconstruction of Palhae. Resistants who are composed of the rest of the followers of Palhae leave to find out the family member of the king, who is able to rebuild Palhae.

Daejeonghyun, the last prince of Palhae
When Daesoohyun, the last member of the royal family is killed by ‘Chucksaldan’ Lim Sun-Ji, the minister of Palhae is reminded of one person in a full of mournful atmosphere. Daejeonghyun, the last prince of Palhae who has been forgotten from people’ memory since he was involved in the political strife of the royal family and condemned to exile 14 years ago! Now he is the only hope.

Yeonsoha, the best woman warrior of Palhae
Yeonsoha with an image of graceful and straight figure is the best woman warrior of Palhae, who always carries a shadowless sword (Mooyoungkeom) and shows a moderate swordmanship. She takes up the task of bringing Daejeonghyun to the camp safely in order to make him a king of Palhae.

Now a missing story begins!
Daejeonghyun is living as ‘Sosam’, a dealer in stolen goods with forgetting he was once a king and Yeonsoha has to take him to a journey in order to make him a king. They are chased by Kunhwapyoung, a head of Chucksaldam, and his follower, Maeyoungok along with the best skilled soldiers who are allured by Georan. Now a story of the pursuer and the pursued is unfold!


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How to tell the Sex of a Fly

I’ve got this joke from a fellow blogger named HappySurfer. I can’t resist not putting it here as the fly is cute and naughty.

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband
stalking around with a fly swatter.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
“Hunting Flies” He responded.

“Oh. Killing any?” She asked.
“Yep, 3 males, 2 females,” he replied.

Intrigued, she asked. “How can you tell?”

He responded, “3 were on a beer can, 2 were on the phone.”

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Superman Returns (Re-Edited)

Today was the day Superman Returns. My childhood hero. I went to see alone on the 1st day it was released on cinema and I had a nice seating right in the center of the screen with popcorn and sarsi. *slurp. It was a superb. You should go see. The pic below was the CD soundtrack.

BELOW HERE IS SPOILER.DO NOT SEE IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE1. The movie was censored. Total 1hr gone. Original showtime is 2.5 hrs.
2. His little dog is smart and cute. We all in the cinema had a good laugh. Clark threw the ball so far and after running a few steps, he stopped thinking it’s impossible to fetch.
3. Due to censorship, I wonder why he returned with the crash. What happen to the craft?
4. It showed fragrants of kryptron when it was blown away but unknown to where.
5. It was brilliant idea to think of merging crystals into kryptonite. Too bad it had to end so fast.

1. Is the meteorite that Lex stole from the planet krypton that explodes sending a wave of meteors?
I do think there’s a continuation as he said he’s still here when Louis asked. My guess is he’s going to other galaxies in search of his kind that his foster mum told him. I had guessed so as he has lost all his crystals and he need to find ways. Why he fake death?

Most interesting was his son. Resistant to kryptonite radiation! How did Superman and Lois Lane had a baby? Hmmm…

The big new land as what Lex said, wasn’t that big. None died. No tsunami like shown in other website. Hmmm… So many questions. But I hope for another episode but it will be a long wait. Worth waiting.

For more spoilers, go here at Leonard’s. Nice custom pictures he gathered.


On Personal Note

I was hoping someone can tag along but all had plans. I needed just a fren who hopefully can change my mind about closing my other site. I can’t blame them as they don’t know how desparate of me to seek comfort or attention. Neither do they know that I want to close down. None had read in between the lines. I had mentioned before in my post to close down but I’d rather not mention this time around. I’m a person who don’t say much but when I do things, I meant it. I do have a withered soft heart when someone cared to change my view of opinion. If I’m wrong, I can change. So far, none has understand me.

In my other site, I don’t want a long list of tagged people. I do seek for someone who can share common interest and it would be nice to have someone giving comments. I do give comments. I’ve long for someone like those above but somehow waiting can be a pain. Some people says give it some time. Perhaps I have little patience.

How well does it sounds to you?
* Some visitors are just dropping by without a polite hello.
* Some come as and when they wish or feels like it or when free or just to be nice.
* Some don’t pass comments. It’s not that they don’t want to but it’s simply not going to be yours.
* Some came for a while but gone for good.
* Some come to see if there’s something interesting like sex, food, music and boyfriends or girlfriends.
* Some don’t care what the poster posts about. Just skimmed the post and comments.
* Some says nice words but don’t meant after time fades.
* Some are heartless when commenting.

Why Do I want to blog
* It’s about my personal life and experiences
* To learn from others as we are still humans and needs progress.
* Inform anything important
* Depart beneficial information for a friend and the comunity of theirs
* Sharing and contributing what we have in common

Why and when I gave comments
* When people needs a true friend to be listened to
* They had something to share in common and we exchanged ideas, enhanced further. Not exploitations!
* Getting to know sincere friends and continue to grow and build that relationship. Understanding more better. Care for each other.
* Be happy for them. Give support when it’s required. To be playful and naughty but in a fun way.
* They had visited mine and initiated contacts with comments

I Seldom
* Give comments when people’s post are flooded with it
* Visits when they posts once a month or irregularly

I don’t visit or comment
* If that person is unsincere or egoistics
* When it’s about bitching about others
* If the above “Some” category applies
* Posts having too much sex or vulgar words or moody always.

My Q&A
Q Who would want to read your entire blog?
A Only those taken keen interests. People who are quick to get you, can’t be bothered. Only he who maturely think he can care will do.
Q Have you found anyone who understands you thru their comments?
A Most don’t. Some have many friends yet they’re still unhappy of them.
Q Did you have anyone noticed something amiss about you at first hand from your post?
A Seldom. Only those who are attentive heart will.

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