Little Guy, Big Kitchen

A Little Guy Woking in His Big Kitchen

Wedding Hall In Shanghai

Marvelous mansion. I wonder where’s the wedding cake. Eaten up probably before the guests arrived. lolx


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Sand Storm in Dubai

See the kind of sand storm that occurs in Dubai!!!! By the way these buildings that u can see are all more than 50 floors high! It’s a bad time if it’s stormy here!

No one is supposed to get out of house…and if u r driving while this occurs then God help u….u should stop the car immediately no matter where and at what speed u r….as a rule every car should stop but b’cos some fools don’t do that there are major accidents that occur during these storms.

Thankfully they are not very frequent …only three months that they bother….but when they occur they occur suddenly and there is no way u can tell if one is just round the corner!

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Tahiti Island of French Polynesia

Updates – 16th Aug 2006

My apologies for the wrong info. The above pics was from Tahiti Island.

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