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Egg Purse

We all eat eggs no matter how it’s cooked. How about frying a perfect Egg Purse. The pic is taken from somewhere else geh. Too bad can’t show you mine. Chicken egg bo liao. Ciak kar liao (all finished eaten).

Do not use refrigerated eggs. It will sizzle with hot oil because of water and it will go flat like tyre. You want a bulge egg like a purse and not a flat egg okie.

Here are the steps
1. Crack the egg onto a small saucer plate. Do this for each egg everytime you fry 1.. The yolk must not be broken! You need to be gently la.
2. Heat up the wok. When heated up, add oil around the wok, circling twice around it and when the oil heats up, remove the oil. Add new oil. When oil heats up, reduce heat to small.
3. Gently slides the egg near the oil surface. If the oil no sizzles, your halfway. Otherwise, eat the egg yourself. Kakaka… Turn on the heat to max!
4. Flip some oil over the yolk until the sides have golden lining. Not black ok. You charcoal egg ah. *spank. Wait somemore what ah, dish out the egg lar. If not sure black jor. Aiyo… susah nia.
5. Add some drops of soy sauce to it. Wala… You passed. Or you didn’t?


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