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200g dhal beans, washed and soaked for 1 hr.

3 stalks green chilli, cut into wedges

2 cloves garlic, ground fine

3 cups water

2 potatoes, skinned and cut into wedges

1 carrot, cut into wedges

2cm ginger, ground fine

2  tamarind peel


2 tbsp cooking oil

2 big onions, sliced

2 tsp sawi seeds

5 dried chilli, cut into 3cm lengths

1 sprig curry leaves

3 tbsp fish curry powder + 1 cup wter to make paste

1 cup santan

1 tomato cut into wedges

1 tsp salt to taste


Bring dhal beans, green chilli and garlic to a boil with water until dhal becomes soft. Add more water if dhal beans are tough.

2. Once beans are soft, add carrot, potatoes, ground ginger, tamarind peel and simmer until potatoes are soft.

3. In a separate wok, heat oil, addd sawi seed, saute onions until brown before adding dried chilly, curry leaves and curry powder paste

4. Pour this saute and curry paste into the dhal & vegetables pot.

5. Add santan, tomatoes and season to taste with salt. Bring to boil before turning off heat.


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Peas Curry

I love to eat Indian Curry Peas.

Ingredients A

200 g dhal peas, wash and soak for 20 mins.

Adequate water

1 tsp chicken stock granule

1 tbsp oil

1/4 turmeric powder

Ingredients B

1 tbsp oil

1 tsp Indian mixed spices (Fenugreek seeds, Sawi seeds, Jintan Manis and Jintan Putih)

Ingredients D

1 each of carrot, potato and tomato (cut into wedges)


Salt and sugar to taste


1. Mixes all A with peas (submerged below water at about 1.5 inch). Bring to boil and then simmer in low heat until the peas soften, dish out and keep the soup.

2. Heat oil and saute B until fragrant, then add C and stir to mix.

3. Pou in soup of (1) and add in carrot and potato. Cook until they soften.

4. Lastly add in peas and tomato. Bring to boil again. Season and dish out.

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Indian Mutton Soup

This recipe is from somewhere else. I think it's nice. I'll cook sometime.

# 500g mutton with bones, cut into small pieces
# 5–6 tbsp oil
# 5 shallots, sliced thinly
# 1 tomato, coarsely chopped

(A) – (combined)
# 4 ½ tbsp coriander powder
# 1 tsp cumin powder
# 1 ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper
# 1 tsp pepper
# 1 tsp salt or to taste
# 1 green chilli, seeded and sliced

# 4 cloves
# 4 cardamoms, keep whole
# 5cm cinnamon stick
# 1 onion, halved and sliced

Ground ingredients (C)
# 2 cm ginger
# 4 cloves garlic
# 1 tbsp poppy seeds powder (ground kas-kas)
# 2–3 dried chillies, soaked
# 2 litres water

# chopped spring onion and coriander

Marinate mutton with 2 tablespoons combined ingredients (A) and leave aside for 3-4 hours.

Heat oil in a pan and fry shallots until golden brown and crispy. Remove shallot crisps and set aside. With the remaining oil fry ingredients (B) until fragrant. Add remaining ingredients (A) and (C) and continue to fry for 1–2 minutes. Stir in marinated mutton and fry until fragrant. Add chopped tomato and pour in water. Bring to boil then reduce heat and simmer until meat is tender.

Dish out and serve with a garnishing of shallot crisps and a sprinkling of chopped spring onion and coriander.

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