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Prune Temptation

Ingredients A
8″ baked vanilla sponge, height at 1/2″

Ingredients A
150g digestive biscuits, crushed
75g butter, melted
40g chocolate nibs

Ingredients C
100g prunes, pitted and sliced
150g chilled fresh milk

Ingredients D
350g whip topping Gold label, thawed liquid
30g fine sugar
50g chilled fresh milk
15g gelatin powder, soaked in 80ml water and bain-marie until dissolved
100g prunes, pitted and sliced

Ingredients E
30g cooking chocolate, melted
8 pcs whole pitted prune
50g neutral glaze gel, to glaze prunes

1. Mix crushed digestive biscuits together with melted butter and follow by chocolate nibbled. Then press into a spring base cake ring and store in chiller.
2. Use blender to blend prunes together with chilled fresh milk.
3. Pour in thawed Gold label, sugar, chilled fresh milk and group C into mixing bowl, Then to whisk until soft peak and gently stir in dissolved gelatin to mix well.
4. Bring the prepared biscuits base and pour in half of the blended mixture group D. Then place baked sponge on top and again pour the remaining mixture.
5. Bring to setting in refregeration for 2-3 hrs.
6. Finishing by dizzily with melted chocolate and decoration with glazed whole purpose.

August 21, 2006 - Posted by | Cakes, Recipes

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