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Chocolate Oreo Cheese

Ingredients A
250g chocolate sandwich biscuits, crushed
60g butter, unsalted & soften

Ingredients B
8″ baked vanilla sponge, height at 1/2″

Ingredients C
250g cream cheese
50g sugar
300g Rich’s whip topping chocolate, liquid
13g gelatin powder, soaked in 80ml water and bain-marie until dissolved
100g chocolate sandwich biscuits, crushed

50g cooking chocolate, melted
100g Rich’s whip topping chocolate, whipped
8pcs chocolate decor

1. Mix group A to blend well and transfer to spring base pan, to pat down then bring to refrigeration.
2. Beat cream cheese and sugar until fluffy at medium speed. Bring gelatin to main-marie.
3. Pour in whip topping chocolate into cream cheese mixture and continue to whisk until soft peak. then pour in dissolved gelatin to stir well and lastly add in crushed chocolate sandwich biscuits to blend well.
4. Transfer half prepared mixture into prepared chilled chocolate biscuits base and cover up with baked vanilla sponge. Again fold in the remainder mixture on top and bring to refrigerate approximately 2-3 hrs.
5. Dizzily with melted cooking chocolate on top and pipe rosettes with chocolate decor on top.

August 21, 2006 - Posted by | Cakes, Recipes

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