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Stewed Duck in Shaoxing Wine

1no (1.5kg) duck
25g old ginger
25g black pepper corns, crushed
200ml Shaoxing wine, add in later
1800ml water

15 Dang Gui
15g star anise
10 cloves
1 piece dried tangerine peel
15g Szechuan pepper
1 no Chao Guo

75g rock sugar
1/2 tbspp monosodium glutamate
300ml light soy sauce

1. Rinse and clean the duck, then blanch into boiling water for a moment. Remove and Keep aside.
2. Bring the water, spices and seasoning to a boil. Cook over a low heat for about 20 mins.
3. Place the duck into the stock carefully. Covered, bring back to boil and reduce heat to low. Continue to stew for further 1 hr or until the flavour has been absorbed and the duck meat is tender. Remove from heat and cut into pieces.

August 19, 2006 - Posted by | Chinese, Recipes

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