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Stardate : 8th July 2006

This is the 2nd time I’ve stardated the first entry on 13th June. So, this will be some roundups for the month of June and July. I should have done weekly updates but as this blog was only started kicking it’s storm like a hurricane, it’s unstoppable. :lolz It’ll be a weekly update, here onwards. So here goes.

Month : June 2006

Hmm… where shall I start. Lemme do a total recall. Ok. Ah yes, I was starting to kickstart this blog to eternity. It’s been over 118 posts to be exact and mostly are recipes. I’ve spent quite an amount of time capturing images and keying in recipes. I had also made requests to other bloggers for maintaining a Dinig Out experience and also their Recipes. The results was encouraging as we shared common cooking traits. We learned through each other as well. A whole new experience to me actually. There’re so much more to be done.

Most of my Recipes are Chinese and Italian. I like Italian. I catch up fast on Chinese cuisines as my mum is Penang Hokkien and stayed in Ipoh for sometime. My dad was Melaka Hakka but stayed in Seremban for sometime too. Talk abt 2 far away distances eh. I wonder my wife is where. Lolz. I hope she can cook wonders.*Hehe Too bad I’m still single and in my prime now. Gheez… I hate being single. So, ahem… I like curry but not too Indian spicy. Soups are my favourites. I love baking too. Time to get a microwave.

My CTO boss has resigned. Thank god. lolz. I’m bad huh. Finally, we have him off our backs. He doesn’t manage the 3 of us as what good managers do. Most manager aren’t good anyway that I’ve come across on my entire working years. I didn’t attend his farewell but just bought him a secret recipe cake. Let by gones be gone. He’s gone for good. *hiak hiak. Noti me.

The next helm was taken over by the Software Director. Yar, you hear that. Surprise! When he’s in good mood, he’s a nice guy. I do have good rapport working with him. Hence, no worries.

My staff resigns. After much coerce, he has made his choice. He didn’t made a good choice. A little extra pay difference and same benefits. He was a hardworking and independent staff who I can rely on. I had 2 staffs under my wing. Of the 2, it has to be him to resign. I can’t convinced him further as there was other restrictions in the company that limits own career advancements. I’m looking elsewhere too. Then I’ll go for MBA and a new Sentra or Honda Civic car. Never a proton again.

Speaking back, my software director was quite kind but not our bigger boss. We had to assign one staff down to Singapore and the initial stay was 3 days. It was a no stay after his decision. It’s a rest day for my staff and he’s required to work. It’s all too rush to get there by bus and return back to the last bus at 6pm. I’m too nice perhaps. To me, irregardless of whatever company policies, it’s a dead policy. Infuriated, I had requested a change of plan for my staff to stay 1 day. Finally, things got done and everyone is happy except the big guy up there. My staffs and us weren’t actually happy about the hoo-haa. He was cutting back on our costs while he was on very often 1 week company expenses overseas with no sales being brought back. The accounts dept wasn’t happy either. I had good rapport with my staffs and I’m happy about that. To earn people’s respect wasn’t easier. No one respects that big guy up there.

As for friends, well… I’ve lost a friend already. He’s been dating. Kakaka… Busy guy la. We’ve seldom kept in touched already. Distance grew further. Another guy I’ve made friend with, seemed have some personal problems. I do care about friends. But if he doesn’t wants to, all I can do was sms him. No returns from him. Hmm.. I’ll just let him be.

Many friends had misunderstood me. The month of June was a little turmoil for me. I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on friendship as our lives revolves around them. Finally on the final weeks of June, I’ve came to realised that I can no longer get so attached to it. I had to let go and I did let go quite easily as I’m a spiritual learner. The feeling is good. Another good leason learned. I wonder why I took so long. πŸ™‚

Anyway besides friends, thank god, work was a brief. Family problems weren’t much. I had my good time shopping and cooking. Learned to make some Japanese sushi foods. Yummylicious. Seen a few good shows. Bought an expensive Toilette and many clothes. My 2 wardrobes are all packed now. Life is good. It will be better if my lady is there. lolz.

Vacation is next! Actually it was suppose to be today where I want to go to East coast but my mum was sick. Hence, it was postponed. After my 2 staffs went together to HK, I’ll be off for 4 days 3 nite vacation at Perhentian Island.

My new apartment is ready soon. Yeah! End of this year I hope. 3 bedrooms. 1200 square foot. Got my own parking space. Finally my own living space. Missing of a lady actually. *Hehe

So, what will happen next? Stay tuned. Have a nice weekend to you. Thank you for reading a long post.

July 8, 2006 - Posted by | Diary


  1. Hmmm…friends come and go and that’s happened most of the times but memories remain.

    Comment by patrick | July 9, 2006 | Reply

  2. somehow mine mostly come quickly and left without a word. 😦 doesn’t matter to me now. i understand now.

    Comment by littleguykitchen | July 9, 2006 | Reply

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