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Your Fortune at Birth

From the Imperial Tung Shu comes this incredible poem of the four seasons ascribed to the legendary Yellow Emperor. From the poem can be obtained general indications of what life holds in store for a newborn baby. It is believed that depending on your season of birth, your life can be full of burdens or full of abundance. It all depends on which part of the Emperor’s body you were born on. We present here brief predictive details of the four seasons poem for those wishing to investigate how, and at what stage of their life, they will enjoy the patronage and goodwill of the Emperor.

The incredible Chinese Tung Shu is filled with the most fascinating esoteric information relating to destiny analysis, as well as the meanings of signs, marks and symbols. One of the more tantalizing chapters relate to making a quick and general forecast of a person’s life destiny, based on the seat assigned to us when we are born. This is based on the season of one’s birth, as well as the time of birth i.e. the exact time when the baby is expelled or removed from the mother’s womb.

Thus you first need to determine the season of birth
Spring March, April and May
Summer June, July and August
Autumn September, October and November

Winter – December, January and FebruaryNext, you will need to determine your hour of birth based on the 12 earthly branches. This divides a 24-hour day into twelve time segments of two hours each, with each time segment representing one of the Chinese astrological animals.

With these two pieces of information, you then need to look at the illustrations of the Yellow Emperor wearing the robes of the seasons :

Green robes for the spring
Red robes for the summer
White robes for the fall
Blue robes for the winter

Look at the Emperor that corresponds with your season of birth, then locate on which part of the Emperor you were born based on your time of birth. Note from the time chart of the twelve time segments that each two-hour period has a special name. Locate the hour name on the Emperor’s body and then check against the meaning given. For example, if your hour pillar is Mao in the season of summer, you look for the illustration of the Emperor in the summer season, locate where your hour name is located on his body and then read the meaning given under summer.

Use the table and diagram here to determine on which part of the Emperor you were born, then refer to the descriptions below to find your destiny.

Born in the Spring (March, April, May)

Cher (Born on the Emperor’s Head)
You will hold a high position in life. You have power and great intellectual capability. You are also blessed with wisdom. This person has authority, power and responsibility. Such a person must be well brought up and properly educated.

Tze & Wei (Born on the Emperor’s Hands)
Your attainments will be average and it is more beneficial if you work at starting your projects as the second-in-command and not as the leader. You can rise up high being the right-hand-man of someone powerful and wealthy.

Yu & Mao (Born on the Emperor’s Shoulders)
You will never be short of clothes on your back, which means you will always be able to make a good living. There will be no shortage of the basic necessities of life, including owning a home and property.

Wu (Born on the Emperor’s Stomach)
Your serious good fortune begins only in middle age when you will enjoy great good fortune in terms of the luxuries of life. There is plenty of food, clothing and all the material pleasures in this life.

Choh & Hai (Born on the Emperor’s Girth)
You will go through many changes in your life and as you get higher up the social ladder, you will transform a great deal. This transformation may be for good or bad and it is advisable that if you are in this situation, you should strive to change for the better and become more humble as you become more important in your work and life.

Shen & Shih (Born on the Emperor’s Knee)
You will have to travel a great deal in your life, so you can view this as good or bad depending on whether you enjoy travelling or not. Professionally, your life will be full of journeys. And like the wanderer, life is unsettled and transient.

Sen & Yiu (Born on the Emperor’s Feet)
This indicates that there will be two marriages in your life. This is especially true for women born into this position. For men, being born on the Emperor’s feet suggests a restless nature that is not easy to please.

Born in the Summer (June, July, August)

Wu (Born on the Emperor’s Head)
This is an auspicious indication, since anyone born on the Emperor’s head in the Summer will never have any worries. There are no obstacles and difficulties in this person’s entire life. This also suggests a person who will have an excellent intellect, and who is good at strategic thinking and planning.

Tze & Choh (Born on the Emperor’s Hands)
This birth situation suggests that you will have more than sufficient money and business luck. Your good fortune improves with the years and you will attain great success during the later stages of your life.

Mao & Yu (Born on the Emperor’s Shoulders)
You are so lucky if you have this birth situation, since it brings you a lifetime of wealth and prosperity, lacking for nothing. You will amass a fortune during your lifetime, and in your old age, you will own plenty of properties. If you live an honourable life, you will be blessed with plenty of grandchildren and live to an old age.

Cher (Born on the Emperor’s Stomach)
This birth situation indicates there is plenty to eat and more than sufficient clothes to wear and to enjoy. There is good fortune luck from your late forties onwards. You will not have to worry about your old age for you will be well looked after.

Wei & Hai (Born on the Emperor’s Girth)
This birth situation suggests that you will have loving parents and be surrounded by noblemen and important people. What you make of your good fortune at birth will depend on your own efforts.

Shen & Shih (Born on the Emperor’s Knees)
It will be hard for you to be given the recognition for the work you do. There will be obstacles that can stand in your way and unless you can overcome this lack of recognition luck, by middle age, you will be exhausted.

Yiu & Sen (Born on the Emperor’s Feet)
This birth situation brings an easy life where everything comes easily, especially to those born male. Also, if you are of the male gender, it is likely you will have more than one wife. Women will find you irresistible. You will be blessed if you have a good attitude and a pure motivation.

Born in the Autumn (September, October, November)

Hai (Born on the Emperor’s Head)
This birth situation is especially beneficial for girls, as it indicates you will have a very comfortable and stable life with plenty of good fortune and prosperity luck. But both genders will benefit from the wonderful good fortune of being born on the emperor’s head in autumn.

Tze & Choh (Born on the Emperor’s Hands)
This is an extremely auspicious situation of birth, as there is the promise of wealth coming from the four directions. Each time you travel, you will meet with a person of high standing who will help and assist you. You will benefit by going overseas to study or to work.

Cher & Wu (Born on the Emperor’s Shoulders)
This birth situation suggests that there is prosperity luck and you will become rich in your middle age. You will also have the help of your siblings, especially your brothers. You are blessed with many genuine friends.

Sen (Born on the Emperor’s Stomach)
This birth situation indicates that you will keep company with many clever people. They are people who excel in their career and their study and their presence in your life will inspire you to be ambitious. Happiness brings good fortune, so you must develop a happy disposition and be smiling at all times.

Mao & Wei (Born on the Emperor’s Girth)
You will enjoy an abundance of food and clothing during your middle age. Your sons and grandsons will bring you much happiness and contentment, so you have quite outstanding descendants luck. Those with this birth situation will benefit if they get married at a young age and start a family in their twenties.

Yiu & Yu (Born on the Emperor’s Knee)
You will need to work very hard during your early years and there may be some setbacks, but you are blessed with good fortune in later life. Those who have this birth situation should rejoice and never feel discouraged, as their success when they are older will more than make up for
setbacks they may experience in their early years.

Shih & Shen (Born on the Emperor’s Feet)
Your whole life will be safe and peaceful and there is nothing to fear in terms of being hurt by others. If you are ambitious and have the determination to succeed, you can reach great heights professionally. Even if you do not reach the top, you will nevertheless be content with what you have. Therein lies the secret of your happiness.

Born in the Winter (December, January, February)

Tze (Born on the Emperor’s Head)
If you are born on the Emperor’s head in winter, you will make a brilliant marriage. Your spouse will be a well respected person who comes from a highly regarded family background. You will have luxury in your life with enough food and clothes.

Hai & Wu (Born on the Emperor’s Hands)
You will have good family surroundings and there will always be occasions for rejoicing. You will be especially successful in your old age, when you have passed your 60th birthday.

Yu & Mao (Born on the Emperor’s Shoulders)
You are blessed with exceptional descendants luck, so there are many sons and grandsons in your life. You will have some problems and setbacks during your growing-up and early career years, but you will enjoy good luck in later life. A great deal of your luck will be brought to you by your spouse and then by your sons and grandsons.

Cher (Born on the Emperor’s Stomach)
You are one person who is sure to enjoy singing, socializing and glamorous parties. And you have the luck to enjoy this lifestyle, as there is both prosperity and longevity in your life. It is however important for you to undertake some charitable work or donate to charity during your middle-aged years. This will bring you even more good fortune.

Yiu & Sen (Born on the Emperor’s Girth)
You will be blessed with exceptional good fortune in your old age when there is gold, asset accumulation and a thriving business in your family. You have the luck to grow old with someone you care for and love.

Choh & Wei (Born on the Emperor’s Knees)
You will have enough to eat and survive on, but little left over, and during your middle-aged years, there will be some truly trying times. It is incredibly vital for you to do charity and devote some time to caring for others. This will dissolve much of the negative chi that surrounds you.

Shen & Shih (Born on the Emperor’s Feet)
You should live away from your parents and grandparents, as it benefits you to have your own dwelling place. If you have your own home, you will enjoy good fortune. The further away you are from your ancestral home, the better it will be for you.

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  1. That is great! Where else I can get more information about that?

    Comment by Pui Kwan | November 7, 2006 | Reply

  2. Hi Pui Kwan,

    Sorry about the long delay. I’ve got this from email as you did. 🙂

    Comment by littleguykitchen | November 16, 2006 | Reply

  3. Dear Littleguykitchen,

    I am born at 2100 in November. So I catagorized in Hai or Cher?

    Comment by ericgan | December 20, 2007 | Reply

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