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Shallow Fried Kampung Fish with Dried Shrimp

This is my all time favourite.

Ingredients A

4nos (600g) large Kampung fish

* Normally 1 small fish for 1 person.


30g Red Chillies

10g Belacan paste

50g Shallots chopped

20g Garlic Cloves chopped

3 tbsp chilli paste/chilli boh

50g Dried Shrimp


1 teasp Butterfly flour or cornstarch flour


1/2 tsp MSG

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar


1. Normally I would use the grounder but you can use the blender. Put stuffings and seasonings into the blender until  its rough paste. Remove and keep aside.

2. Mix well throughly butterfly or cornstarch flour with some water in a small bowl and add into the blended that you have kept aside, mix till even. The flour will stick the ingredients together when frying, thus preventing them escape into the oil.

3. Split the fish in half from the back about halfway along as shown. Using a small spoon, stuff the blended into the fish. Remove access. Fill also the stomach of the fish.

4. Heat up the wok till its hot. Add oil and wait till its hot. Put in fish and lower the heat. Shallow fry until golden in color on both sides and dish it out. Turn the fish to the other side occasionally. This fish takes a longer time to cook throughly due to thick skin. If you cook short, the inside is not cook throughly.


When choosing a fish, make sure the eyes are clear. Some red color is ok. Press the body and it must be hard. The gills must be red. Anything brown is unacceptable as it's not fresh.

June 17, 2006 - Posted by | Chinese

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