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“Ruangu” Wild Green Spare Ribs Soup

Ah, my favourite soup especially when you have spicy foods. Good for lowering down ur heated up body. It takes quite some time at about 3hrs but worth the effort.

500g “ruangu” wild green
1kg spare ribs cut into pieces
1 tbsp medlar seed (kei-chi)
10 red dates, cored
3500ml water

A pinch of salt
Some MSG

1. Pluck the “Ruangu” wild green into short sectionals, rinse and soak into salted water for 30 min to remove snails. Dish out, rinse under running water and drain well.

2. Rinse the spare ribs and blanch into boiling water for a while to remove any unclean and meat oil. Remove and drained.

3. Bring water toa boil in a deep pot, add in “Ruangu” wild green, medlar seeds and red dates, cook for about 20 mins. Add blanched spare ribs. Bring back to boil and then reduce to low heat, cover and cook for another 1.5 hrs.

June 17, 2006 - Posted by | Herbal

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