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A Little Guy Woking in His Big Kitchen

Fried “Ma Xi Hin” with Chilli Sambal

How about some vegetable chillies?

Ingredients A

500g "Ma Xi Hin"

Ingredients B

50g Dried Shrimps, soaked

5 Shallots

5 Garlic cloves

2 Red Chillies

10 Bird's eye chillies or chilli padi


1 tsp sugar

1 tsp chicken stock granule

1 tbsp light soy sauce


1. Pluck the young part of the "Ma Xi Hin", rinse and drain well. Keep aside.

2. Pound all ingredients B in blender till finely paste. Remove, ready to use.

3. Heat up 3 tbsp oil in preheated wok to saute the pounded ingredients B over a medium heat until fragrant, stir-fry until the chilli oil separates. Add in "Ma Xi Hin" and seasoning, toss well over high heat until cooked. Dish up.

June 17, 2006 - Posted by | Chinese

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