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Food Around Koala Lhumpur

Uhmm, today ah, let me introduce many many mouth watering dishes. So der delicious deh. Start salivating ooo.

Bak Kut Teh @ Wee Sang Kee

Located at SS2/66, it's the best Bak Kut Teh, despite numerous claims for other places in Klang or Sg Way and negative feedback from friends. The thick soup and special rice to go with the meat. It's a mix of slight herbal and dark sauce, not peppery. Sg Way's are peppery and a few in Klang (no special rice except for butter rice and/or fried onions).

The pictures you see are :

Dough Sticks on the right. The shop, Oily Rice and of course the bak kut teh. Dun forget der chili ooo.

Curry Fish Head @ Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restoran

Located at No. 59, Jln SS24/8, 47300 Taman Megah, PJ (opposite Fatty Crab). Popular for the curry fish head, this is an alternative to Fatty Crab customers who couldn't get seats. This place has more variations and options for crabs than Fatty Crab ie. marmite, sour spicy, kam heong, etc. Other offerings are nice too eg. pork ribs and prawns. However, the service here is slow though at peak hours ie. an hour of waiting.

Penang village.
Located at 1 Lrg Rahim Kajai 13, TTDI – a recent hit chain of restaurants with nyonya & penang offerings in an oriental/nyonya/chinese fusion environment ie. high class hawker restaurant.

Here's the price lists
prawn mee, char kway teow ( RM7.90)
ice kacang, chendol and assam laksa (RM5.5)

Ordering the nyonya dishes for a proper meal is also nice.

Choosing the 'recommended' choices will be a sure hit eg. Chicken kapitan (RM13.90), samosa, brocolli and prawn ( RM14.90), Cincalok omelette (RM8.90), Yin yang Garoupa (RM48). Lunch crowd is to the brim compared to dinner.

Malaysian delicacies/street food

The following are the rare delicacies being found around PJ except for morning markets and pasar malams (SS2). Gone are the days where these were delicious and easy to find, but now, very selective.

Japanese @ Umai-Ya.

Located at G3A, The Place, Jln PJU 8/5D, Bandar Damansara Perdana. Expensive as expected from Japanese cuisine. The environment within was done up nicely, cozy and modern with many booths lining the walls providing privacy to the diners. At the end of the hall, were few private rooms with sunken floors for diners spending a minimum of RM150. The booths were sufficient and comfortable enough, letting the tastefully lighted deco consume you. Ordered the following spread of mouth-watering experience.

The wasabi was cute!

The Dragon Maki (RM20) which consisted of lots of fillings ie. flying fish roll with mayonnaise, fresh salmon, avocado and eel. Each bite was a delight to the senses, crunchy and filled with flavors. And to think this was the first choice amongst the 'Chef recommendations' section of the menu.

The Unagi tempura (RM15). The eel was tasty and tender in cruncy batter, retaining its original flavor.

Torikatsu bento set (RM18). Comes in the best of presentation and quality. Even the fruits were sweet.

Umaiya Zen bento set (RM35) was complete. Even the little pigeon egg in the middle was present for condimenting. Sashimi was fresh and sweet. There were separate serves of tempura sauce and soba sauce.

War Maki costs RM12. The salmon sauce and the BBQ tastes of the squid within was a tease to the senses, leaving each bite a guessing game to the last drop.

Chopstik Noodle House @ Mid Valley

The food is overall average for a upmarket price chinese restaurant, typical of Tai Thong's group of restaurants. It's still preferably SS2 Tai Thong for taste.

Price List
Salted fritter dumpling. (RM3.50)
Porkball porridge (RM9.50)
Tofu dimsum (RM6)
A new dimsum, salad fritter with mayo.(RM3.50)
Wantan noodles (RM9.50)

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