Little Guy, Big Kitchen

A Little Guy Woking in His Big Kitchen

Naughty Funny

4 miracles of a woman:
Getting wet without taking a shower
Bleeding without getting hurt
Giving milk without eating grass
And making boneless flesh hard.

A man bumps into a woman and says "So sorry ma'am. If your heart is as soft as your breasts, you will forgive me". The lady replies: "If your dick is as hard as your elbow, I am in room 603"

Girls reaction to penis sizes:
# 9" – oh shit pain!
# 7" – oh yes, yum!
# 6" – oh perfect!
# 5" – mmm ok!
# 4" – push more
# 3" – is it in?
# 2" – idiot! Just use your tongue.

Ever wondered why ABCDEF are used to define bra sizes?
A – Airport (flat)
B – Barely there
C – Can do
D – Damn good
E – Enormous
F – Fake

During pregnancy:
The 1st three month s, do it the normal style Next three months do it the doggy style And the last three months do it the wolf style. sit outside the hole and howl.

Latest statistics on 'what men do after SEX???
2% eat
3% smoke cigarettes
4% take a shower
5% go to sleep
86% get up and go back home to their wife.

What did Newton's dick say to him after seeing a nude woman? "Fuck you and your law of gravity, I'm going UP."

A wife complains to the doctor that her hubby is 300% impotent.
The doc asks "how 300%?" She says: "you know about the 100%, and now he has broken his finger and burnt his tongue."

Teacher: "why buffaloes get depressed after milking?
Student: "Ma'am, if your boobs are rubbed for 2 hours & then you are left unfucked how would feel?

May 26, 2006 - Posted by | Jokes

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